PZM Deficiencies

Stop guessing with your maintenance budget and capital plan. PZM provides actionable analytics to guide your team, helping you identify and repair critical equipment based on the outage impact to your customers.

PZM Deficiencies Mapped
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PZM is a highly effective tool that assists in the development of maintenance budgets and capital plans by identifying the most impactful deficiencies in your system.

The PZM algorithm uses a range of criteria to prioritize these deficiencies, including their impact on system reliability, replacement costs, and outage risk.

With this information, PZM automatically sorts the identified deficiencies, ensuring that the most critical ones are placed at the top of your list, allowing for efficient and effective decision-making.

By using PZM, you can streamline your workflow process, reduce downtime, and optimize your system's overall performance.

Current number of deficiencies tracked and repaired by PZM powered electrical cooperatives.

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Identify the highest risks.

Target your capital and maintenance budget dollars.

Continuously improve your system.

Unidentified problems can cost millions of dollars in lost assets, cause outages and impact reliability, invite costly litigation, and/or cause injury to the general public and your employees.

Any issues and problems found during an inspection is entered into PZM as a deficiency. One of the most powerful features of the PZM inspection program is how it handles deficiencies once they are entered by an inspector.

For reliability risk, PZM uses an innovative PZM Risk Matrix that assesses every deficiency and sorts by the highest reliability risk.

The PZM Risk Matrix combines two factors:

  • The Chance of Failure
  • The Consequence of Failure

Using these two factors to determine risk... PZM prioritizes which deficiencies to fix first. PZM's deficiency module plans your work for you, and helps managers and field technicians determine where to roll next.

Using PZM, deficiencies can be sorted by area, substation, reliability risk or by asset value.

PZM provides valuable data analytics so field crews can fix the right things at the right time.

PZM Deficiencies

PZM Prioritizes Your Deficiencies

PZM's substation deficiency algorithm utilizes a comprehensive range of criteria to prioritize deficiencies, including reliability, replacement cost, and outage risk, ensuring that the most critical issues are always addressed first.
The algorithm is based on in-person inspection data. We use machine learning to continuously improve its accuracy and effectiveness, making it a highly reliable tool for substation maintenance planning.
PZM's substation deficiency algorithm is designed to be user-friendly and can be easily integrated into existing workflows.
Achieve optimal substation performance and avoid costly equipment failures, saving time and money in the long run.

Actionable Metrics — Prioritize & Address Critical Issues

PZM's Deficiency module is specifically designed to empower electrical technicians with the information they need to effectively prioritize and address critical issues.

With PZM's powerful deficiency reporting capabilities, utilities can easily identify areas that require attention, enabling inspectors, engineers, and managers to work smarter, not harder.

By providing a clear and actionable roadmap for maintenance planning, PZM streamlines the process and makes life easier for all those involved in electrical utility operations.

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