Engineering Services Designed for Electrical Cooperatives

PZM is your partner for highly skilled electrical engineering.

Coordination Studies

  • Relay Coordination
  • Regulator Coordination
  • Short Circuit Studies
  • Load Flow

Arc Flash Studies

  • Incident Energy Calculations
  • Arc Flash Boundary Calculations
  • PPE Recommendations
  • Arc Flash Reduction

Distribution Design

  • Overhead Design
  • Underground Design
  • System Planning
  • PLSCadd Software

Operational Strategic Planning

  • Safety and Regulatory Initiatives
  • Capacity and Reliability Planning
  • Capital and O&M Budgets
  • Employee Development and Culture

Rural Feeder Solutions

  • Recloser Placement and Programming
  • Voltage Regulator Placement and Programming
  • Reactive Power / Capacitor Placement
  • Capacity and Reliability Strategies
Protection Zone Management

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