Engineering Services Designed for Electrical Cooperatives

Engineering Solutions for Your Electrical Cooperative

Address the shortage of electrical engineers with PZM's innovative solutions for electrical cooperatives. We provide comprehensive engineering services to boost growth and resilience. We offer a diverse range of solutions, including safety studies, strategic planning, and tailored rural feeder solutions. Our interdisciplinary expertise bridges the gap between demand and supply. Partner with us to drive your cooperative's success through innovation and efficiency. Contact PZM to explore how our services align with your needs.

Comprehensive engineering services that empower your cooperative's growth and resilience.

Engineering Services

In the evolving landscape of electrical cooperatives, a pressing challenge has emerged—a shortage of electrical engineers to meet the surging demand. At PZM, we understand the gravity of this situation and are here to offer you a transformative solution. As a software company with a deep understanding of the industry's needs, we extend our expertise to provide comprehensive engineering services that empower your cooperative's growth and resilience.

Software + Engineering

PZM is more than just a software company; we are your partner in driving innovation and efficiency. With the demand for electrical engineers outpacing the supply, we bring you a diverse range of services that encompass the spectrum of your cooperative's needs. Our offerings are designed to bridge the gap between demand and availability, ensuring your operations thrive in the face of challenges.

Our comprehensive suite of services includes:

Coordination Studies: Enhance the safety and reliability of your electrical system through meticulous analysis that optimizes protective device coordination, reduces downtime, and ensures smooth operations.

Arc Flash Studies: Mitigate the risks of explosive electrical arc incidents by uncovering potential hazards, calculating incident energy, and equipping your team with the knowledge to protect themselves effectively.

Electrical Load Flow: Navigate the intricacies of electrical currents and voltage distribution for seamless energy delivery, ensuring optimal performance during various operational conditions.

Distribution Design: Embrace efficient and innovative designs for your distribution network that align with your cooperative's growth and service reliability goals.

Operational Strategic Planning: Leverage our strategic insights to plan and optimize your operations, enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and maximizing your cooperative's impact.

Rural Feeder Solutions: Tailor-made solutions for rural feeders that address specific challenges, ensuring reliable power delivery to even the most remote areas.

Solutions for Cooperatives

The PZM difference lies in our commitment to innovation, reliability, and the empowerment of your cooperative's success. Our interdisciplinary approach—melding software expertise with engineering proficiency—enables us to provide solutions that resonate with the unique dynamics of your cooperative.

Close Collaboration

Your cooperative's growth is our priority, and our dedicated team is poised to collaborate closely with you. We understand that in the current landscape, partnering with a flexible and reliable provider is imperative. PZM stands ready to empower your team with the insights, expertise, and strategies needed to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

Join us in charting a path forward that leverages innovation to drive your cooperative's success.

Contact PZM today to explore how our engineering services can be tailored to meet your cooperative's specific needs.

Coordination Studies

  • Relay Coordination
  • Regulator Coordination
  • Short Circuit Studies
  • Load Flow

Arc Flash Studies

  • Incident Energy Calculations
  • Arc Flash Boundary Calculations
  • PPE Recommendations
  • Arc Flash Reduction

Distribution Design

  • Overhead Design
  • Underground Design
  • System Planning
  • PLSCadd Software

Operational Strategic Planning

  • Safety and Regulatory Initiatives
  • Capacity and Reliability Planning
  • Capital and O&M Budgets
  • Employee Development and Culture

Rural Feeder Solutions

  • Recloser Placement and Programming
  • Voltage Regulator Placement and Programming
  • Reactive Power / Capacitor Placement
  • Capacity and Reliability Strategies

Electrical Load Flow

  • System Modeling
  • Growth Studies
  • VAR flow
  • Min / Max Voltage Levels
Protection Zone Management

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