PZM Voltage

Voltage on your electrical system is constantly changing. Voltage is a key component of power quality. Understanding, identifying and maintaining the acceptable service voltage is paramount to a utility's success and customer satisfaction.

PZM Low and High Voltage
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High-quality power is the goal of every well-run electrical utility. We understand voltage is a key component of power quality!

The PZM inspection program provides the utility with valuable insight as to how the voltage is doing throughout their system.


Voltage reads have been performed and tracked by PZM powered electrical utilities.

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With just a click, the PZM software displays voltage reports, helping to identify and rank the high and low voltage areas in your system.

Loads on a utility system are constantly changing, as a result voltage on a system is constantly changing.

Because of these changes, an electric utilities voltage must be regulated to stay within an acceptable range. Under normal operations, the ANSI C84.1 standard for acceptable service voltage is from 95% to 105% of the nominal. For short durations or abnormal conditions, the voltage range is 91.67% to 105.83% of nominal.

As part of a standard inspection using PZM, voltage regulator high and low drag hands are documented and reset.

PZM uses these drag hand reads to provide valuable voltage information throughout your distribution system. PZM helps users review their voltage history to determine if the high or low voltage was an event or a trend.

It is a labor intensive process to gather voltage analytics using paper inspections and dual data entry. A lack of history makes it very difficult to recognize and make timely decisions regarding voltage correction measures.

PZM Voltage

Providing electrical utilities with valuable voltage insight.

Range A minimum voltage is 95% of nominal voltage
Range A maximum voltage is 105% of nominal voltage
Range B minimum voltage is 91.7% of nominal voltage
Range B maximum voltage is 105.8% of nominal voltage

ANSI C84.1

ANSI C84.1 specifies the steady-state voltage tolerances for an electrical power system. The standard divides voltages into two ranges. Range A is the optimal voltage range. Range B is acceptable, but not optimal.

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