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When a field inspector enters data, PZM gets to work by analyzing drag hand reads to identify high or low voltage issues. If the voltage is out of range, PZM sends an instant email alert and flags it on the dashboard. Additionally, PZM graphs and trends voltage levels throughout your system, saving hours of data analysis time.

High Drag Hand 16 Low Drag Hand -4
Asset REG - Intrepid - Phase B Location West Wendover Substation Yard
Low Voltage 94 High Voltage 105.25 Operations Counter 24623

Monitoring a voltage regulator’s tap changer is crucial, and PZM handles it effortlessly. High tap operations can lead to increased contact resistance, more frequent maintenance, and potential regulator failure. While tracking this manually is nearly impossible, PZM instantly calculates the average annual tap operations and alerts you if they exceed 8,000 per year, saving time and preventing issues.

Average Annual Operations 12854 Average Monthly Operations 765
Asset Winecup Regulator Location West Wells Line 7

When a field inspector enters a recloser's operation counter, PZM calculates the monthly and annual average operations. PZM uses this data to identify the worst performing circuits both monthly and annually. This information helps drive maintenance and capital improvements, reduces the need for truck rolls, and enhances customer satisfaction.

Annual Impact 43010 Average Monthly 7 Average Annual 10
Asset Bay 3 Main Circuit Switcher Location Bay 3 Substation Yard

With PZM's document management, you can attach documents directly to any asset in the system. This means no more searching for bid documents, user manuals, warranties, or anything else. Everything you need is right at your fingertips.

Document Electrical Maintenance Testing
Document FieldService Report
Document NITA Bid Document
Document Regulator Warranty

Documenting and finding problems in the field used to be a nightmare. Now, with PZM, field inspectors can easily take and attach photos directly to assets. Even if repairs are months away, having photographic documentation simplifies planning and scheduling for the office team. This streamlined process ensures that everyone has access to vital information, making asset management more efficient and effective.

PZM Deficiency Photo

Meaningful Data & Reports You Can Rely On

From automated alerts to annual trends, PZM provides data, reports, charts, and graphs to help you manage teams, time, and budgets effectively.

PZ Risk & PZ Matrix
Recurring Inspections
Deficiency Prioritization
Inspection Targets
Workflow Management
Actionable Insights
Real-Time Alerts
Historical Reporting
Management & Operations Teams Love PZM!
Using PZM has transformed how we manage our substation and line patrol assets. It has streamlined both field and office operations, enabling our team to make informed decisions effortlessly.
Wells Rural Electric

Ryan Brodsho

Operations Manager at Wells Rural Electric Company

PZM's Substation Asset Management

Management & Operations Teams Love PZM!

  • 1

    Substation Asset Management: Power Your Efficiency

    PZM's cutting-edge software takes your substation into the future, enhancing efficiency and longevity with smart inspections, real-time alerts, and a focus on the most critical components in your substations.

  • 2

    PZ Risk & PZ Matrix: Make Better Decisions

    Enhance your SAIDI & SAIFI with our unique Protection Zone method. We prioritize and address high-risk issues first, cutting down on outages and elevating safety, removing the uncertainty of what to fix next.

  • 3

    Automate Recurring Inspections: Precision Made Easy

    Say goodbye to manual checks. Our automated inspection system keeps inspections consistent, reduces errors, and boosts both reliability and the smooth operation of your substation.

  • 4

    Deficiency Prioritization: Smart Solutions

    With PZM on your side, we pinpoint exactly where to direct your resources. By focusing on the most urgent issues, we ensure your operations teams understand the risk and consequence of all your substation assets.

  • 5

    Set a Standard of Excellence: Inspection Targets

    We refine the inspection process to make it as seamless as possible, ensuring every check is thorough, accurate, and up to code.

  • 6

    Workflow Management: Flexibility Meets Function

    Embrace the flexibility that ensures tasks flow smoothly from start to finish, fostering better teamwork and making sure deadlines are front-and-center.

  • 7

    Actionable Insights: Power to Decide

    Leverage the power of your data to make informed decisions, streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency with minimal resources. Empower your operations team with insights that matter.

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