Overhead and Underground Powerline Inspections

Introducing PZM, the groundbreaking solution revolutionizing powerline inspections for electrical utilities. Tailor patrols to predetermined cycles, gaining unparalleled insight into operations, addressing trouble spots, and monitoring vegetation, wildfire fuels, and avian activity. Effortlessly navigate compliance and safety regulations, stay organized with prioritized deficiencies, visual aids, and seamless collaboration, while comprehensive work lists and precise location details streamline operations for efficient, compliant, and safer powerline inspections. Embrace PZM for a future of hassle-free excellence.

Revolutionize Powerline Inspections

In the realm of electrical utilities, the ownership and maintenance of numerous structures is a formidable responsibility. The diligent inspection of each structure for potential deficiencies is of paramount importance. However, fear not, for PZM is here to revolutionize powerline inspections!

With PZM, the complexity of powerline inspections becomes a thing of the past. Tailor your patrols to match your predetermined cycles and unveil a world of possibilities. Select from a variety of patrol types and gain unparalleled insight into your operations. Trouble spots can be addressed through recurring patrols, providing consistent monitoring and control. Whether it's assessing encroaching vegetation, identifying wildfire fuels, or even monitoring avian activity, PZM has got you covered. You can even establish patrols for standard overhead and underground sections, ensuring no area escapes your watchful eye. And rest assured, each area is meticulously delineated, providing clear starting and ending points for precise examination.

Identify Problem Areas in Powerline Sections

PZM goes beyond convenience — it helps you navigate the labyrinth of compliance and safety regulations. With PZM, cooperatives effortlessly define problem areas, enabling efficient adherence to regulations and fostering a culture of safety.

By accurately identifying areas prone to problematic vegetation, you gain invaluable insights to strategically trim trees, eradicate brush, and mitigate potential wildfire hazards. The tracking of bird nesting activity and the preservation of building history further enhance your ability to target mitigation efforts where they matter most.

PZM empowers you to define each problem area and meticulously craft specific patrol sections, seamlessly integrating them into your seasonal schedules. This comprehensive approach guarantees the detection and documentation of any system deficiencies.

Categorize & Prioritize Powerline Deficiencies

Stay organized amid the vast expanse of structures and issues. Managing thousands of structures and their associated problems can be daunting, but fear not, for PZM is equipped to handle it all.

Our pioneering algorithm effectively categorizes identified problems, providing you with a prioritized list that illuminates where to direct your attention first. Visual aids are indispensable in discerning the severity of deficiencies and in keeping your entire crew informed of potential field hazards.

With PZM, the seamless addition and viewing of pictures by all users facilitates quick decision-making and ensures the procurement and installation of the appropriate parts.

Streamline Your Electric Utility Operations

Efficiency knows no bounds with PZM. Generate comprehensive work lists that seamlessly guide your crew to the precise locations of identified problems. Every team member gains instant access to deficiency details, including precise locations, essential notes, and accompanying photographs.

PZM's worflow features simplify your workflow, enabling the creation of lists that can be sent out for bidding or expertly addressed in-house, streamlining your operations and eliminating unnecessary delays.

Experience the Future of Powerline Inspections with PZM

Embrace efficiency, compliance, and safety like never before. Unleash the power of PZM and embark on a journey where precision and effectiveness converge. The age of hassle-free powerline inspections is upon us — seize the opportunity with PZM!

Unlock the future of efficient, compliant, and safer inspections with PZM!

Experience the power of PZM today and revolutionize your powerline inspections! Click here to schedule a live demo and discover how PZM's tailored patrols, unparalleled insights, effortless compliance, and streamlined operations can bring hassle-free excellence to your electrical utility. Don't miss out on this groundbreaking solution that will transform the way you approach powerline inspections.