The PZM Difference – The Ultimate Solution to Your Electrical System Challenges

Do you find it challenging to keep track of your critical assets, feeders, and areas of your electrical system? Are you tired of dealing with an overwhelming amount of problems during substation and line inspections? Managing risk can be a daunting task, and choosing which problem to fix first can be confusing.

Manage Risk & Prioritize Repairs

PZM is here to revolutionize your electrical system management. Our cutting-edge technology will identify your most critical assets, feeders, and areas of your electrical system, making it easier for you to manage risk and prioritize repairs.

Increase Efficiency

Our innovative algorithm sorts and categorizes problems by risk, cost, and asset categories, enabling you to plan work by cost, consequence, planned or unplanned outages. With PZM, you can increase efficiency, improve planning, and ensure that no problems get forgotten about or neglected.

Deficiency Tracking

PZM's advanced deficiency and upgrade tracking feature allows you to plan upgrades to equipment or structures, keep track of older equipment that is planned to be replaced or removed entirely, and know how many new parts to order and where they are needed.

The PZ Score

We score every asset in your system, so you know how different areas rank against each other. With PZM, you'll always know which problems to fix first, making planning work easier and ensuring that all personnel are aware of what problems exist in the system. No more tribal knowledge or looking for a list—the information is available to everyone on the go or at a desk.

Get PZM's Digital Utility Software Today

Say goodbye to potential hazards and outages caused by neglected problems. Let PZM make your life easier and your electrical system more efficient and reliable. Join the PZM Difference today and take control of your electrical system management!