Revolutionize Line Patrol Deficiency Management with PZM's Dynamic Dashboard!

Discover the Power of PZM for Effortless Line Patrol Deficiency Management! Designed for those overseeing substations and power lines, PZM's intuitive mobile app and dynamic dashboard streamline the process. Watch as risk and consequence algorithms analyze deficiencies in real-time, ensuring swift action. Categorizing everything from hardware to wildlife-related issues, the dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of deficiencies, organized by risk level. Stay updated with live lists of found and repaired deficiencies, ensuring efficient progress tracking. Tailor your focus with easy category sorting.

PZM Is Your Essential Tool for Power Line Deficiency Management

As a manager overseeing substations and power lines, PZM is your essential tool. Join Jay Elquist in this video as he introduces PZM's dynamic line patrol deficiency dashboard, meticulously crafted for electric cooperatives, public utilities, municipalities, and more.

Mobile App For Line Patrol Inspections & Deficiency Management

With PZM's intuitive mobile app for both iOS and Android, entering deficiencies in the field has never been easier. Watch as PZM's cutting-edge risk and consequence algorithms instantly analyze each entry, ensuring prompt attention.
PZM Line Patrol App for Apple iOS
PZM Line Patrol App for Android

Underground & Overhead Power Line Deficiencies Categorized

Every power line deficiency is expertly categorized, covering hardware, pole/crossarm, grounding, insulator/conductor, trees/vegetation, birds/wildlife, and equipment. PZM's dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your total open, repaired, and found deficiencies, all neatly organized based on risk and consequence. Learn More About PZM's Line Patrol Inspection Software

With PZM, Electric Operations Managers Stay In The Loop

At the bottom of the dashboard, a live list of found and repaired deficiencies keeps electric operations managers in the loop, providing real-time progress updates. It's a powerful tool to gauge how efficiently work is being accomplished.

Efficient Work Management with PZM

Need to focus on specific tasks? PZM has you covered. Easily sort deficiencies by category, enabling efficient planning. For instance, when coordinating with a tree trimming contractor, quickly filter by Trees/Vegetation deficiencies.

Revolutionize Your Line Patrol Deficiency Management With PZM

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