12 Reasons Why Electric Cooperatives, Public Utilities, Municipalities and PUD's Should Use PZM

PZM offers a comprehensive solution for electric utilities to efficiently manage their assets, streamline operations, and ensure regulatory compliance. Below are 12 reasons why Electric Cooperatives, Public Utilities, Municipalities and PUD's need to use PZM.

  • 1

    Efficient Inspection Management

    PZM simplifies and streamlines the process of substations and powerlines, making it especially user-friendly for field technicians. PZM provides guidance on when, where, and how to conduct high-voltage equipment inspections.

  • 2

    Risk Management and Asset Protection

    PZM's "Risk Matrix" and "PZ Scoring System" provide utilities with powerful tools to assess and control risks and system operability. This combination empowers employees to take proactive measures to safeguard assets and operations.

  • 3

    Enhanced Organizational Efficiency

    PZM automates scheduling and work-to-be-done, allowing electric cooperatives to work smarter and more efficiently. PZM eliminates the need for paper, in-house software, Excel, and outdated software, saving time and resources.

  • 4

    Asset Deficiency Risk Analysis

    When deficiencies are identified, PZM automatically calculates their risk level based on our sophisticated PZM Risk Matrix. This enables utilities to prioritize and address high-risk issues promptly and accurately. Watch Line Patrol Deficiency Management with PZM

  • 5

    Speed and Customization

    With PZM, inspections and maintenance tasks that used to be time-consuming can now be completed efficiently. PZM's software offers fast inspection routines, customizable schedules, and the ability to document deficiencies with photos for later review.

  • 6

    Real-time Tracking and Guided Inspections

    PZM's smart software knows the location of field technicians and guides them through each electrical asset inspection. This ensures a more sustained operating environment and empowers utilities to make informed decisions regarding budget allocation and manpower.

  • 7

    Regulatory Recognition and Compliance

    State and national regulatory agencies, along with insurance companies, acknowledge the benefits of substation and line patrol inspections. PZM helps utilities meet and exceed these regulatory requirements, ensuring responsible and consistent operations.

  • 8

    Detailed Reporting and Advanced Analytics

    PZM generates advanced analytics and detailed reports that serve as a valuable tool for keeping all stakeholders, from field techs to executives, well-informed. In addition, these reports aid utilities in staying compliant with state regulations and insurance requirements.

  • 9

    Cloud-Based and Secure

    PZM software is a cloud-based platform, eliminating the need for complex installations. Security is a top priority, with robust encryption, multi-factor authentication, and regular security audits to protect sensitive data.

  • 10

    Smooth Transition and Implementation

    Despite potential concerns about switching software, PZM makes the process seamless. Our team of electrical engineers handles the implementation, setting up the software for the entire operation, saving you time and resources.

  • 11

    Comprehensive Data Migration

    PZM facilitates smooth data migration from older systems, ensuring a seamless transition. Our integration team handles the process, including the transfer of assets from existing one-line diagrams.

  • 12

    Hours of Time Savings — Every Month!

    Using PZM saves valuable time throughout the organization. No more clerical, management, and engineering time entering and poring over monthly data and deficiencies. PZM's powerful software completely automates your inspections and maintenance program. PZM instantly schedules, prioritizes, analyzes, graphs, and prepares board and regulatory reports month after month after month. PZM instantly scans all data and deficiencies as its entered, and we will send you an email if there is a problem.

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