Understanding PZM Alerts

PZM Alerts will help manage your utility inspection and maintenance program for you! By analyzing important data and empowering employees, PZM puts the most important tasks to schedule and repair in Alerts. Employees can check in with the Alerts every day, and know what to do next.

PZM Alerts Help:

  • Inspectors view any inspections are coming due.
  • Crew members identify what deficiencies to repair next.
  • Engineers visualize any problem areas on the system to fix next.
  • Managers free-up time for higher value work.

Your electrical equipment inspections should never become routine. A cursory look over of your equipment where inspectors pencil whip an inspection form, then file the form away never to be heard from again, are relics of the past.

Your inspection program can add so much more value than what we typically find in the electrical utility industry. PZM prides itself on providing comprehensive, equipment-specific inspection questions, but we don't stop there.

PZM Alerts are designed specifically to help utilities keep inspections up-to-date, and alert managers and techs to highly impactful deficiencies in their system.

The Alerts feature in PZM analyzes important data and generates custom-built reports that deliver quality information that is actionable and can be used to dramatically improve your electrical system.

We designed our Alerts feature to provide all users, at all levels of the organization with the most important, real-time, actionable information. PZM Alerts will quickly become your first stop each week to plan your work.

PZM Alert Types

  • Inspection Alerts instantly tell you what and where inspections are past due or due within the next 7 days.
  • Deficiency Alerts tell you instantly what and where your highest risk deficiencies are.
  • System Voltage Alerts instantly tell you where the highest and lowest voltage levels are on your transmission and distribution system.
  • Reg Ops Alerts tell you your most active regulators on the system and enable you to prevent worn contacts and premature failure of the regulator.
  • Breaker Ops Alerts identifies which breaker or recloser is experiencing the most faults on the system, and the user-defined impact of those faults, based on any combination of meter counts, load at risk, or revenue at risk.
PZM Alerts are designed to get the most out of your inspection program. We save hours and hours of grueling analysis and deliver quality, actionable information that will improve your utility's electrical system with a click of a button.

PZM Alert Definitions

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