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Graham County Electric Cooperative: Revolutionizing Operations with PZM — Not Just Inspections But Intelligence!

Electrical Utility
Pima, Arizona
Streamline Operations: Cut Paperwork, Boost Maintenance Capital, and Elevate System Reliability
Electrical Cooperative

Products used

PZM Web Application

PZM's cloud-based web application powers inspection and capital allocation decisions based on PZM's proprietary Protection Zone Management and Protection Zone Score.

PZM Mobile App

PZM mobile app helps electrical technicians inspect and maintain their valuable infrastructure.

Graham County Electric Co-op wanted a digital solution that offered streamlined inspections, instant risk analysis, and equipment-specific deficiency rankings.

The transition to PZM enabled instant feedback, reduced redundancy, and improved maintenance strategies.

Graham County Electric is a cooperative located in Pima Arizona that is dedicated to delivering safe, reliable, and efficient resources to enhance the lives of their members and the communities they serve.

The Challenge

The main hurdles included managing extensive paperwork, identifying priority issues effectively, and ensuring detailed inspections across substations and power lines. Graham County Electric wanted an asset management software solution that would:

1. Enhance Operational Efficiency by providing field technicians easy to use software that would walk them through each inspection making inspections as seamless as possible, ensuring every check is thorough, accurate, and up to code.

2. Provide Actionable Insights by leveraging PZM's algorithms, helping managers use data to make informed decisions, streamline operations and maximize efficiency with minimal resources.

3. Prioritize Asset Deficiencies based on real metrics helping them pinpoint exactly where to direct resources, and helping operations teams understand the risk and consequence of all their power lines and substation assets.

4. Save Time and Maximize Efficiency by using PZM's software solutions to manage redundant tasks such as scheduling, document management and analyzing trends within the cooperative.

5. Improve Automation by keeping inspections consistent, reducing errors, and boosting both reliability and the smooth operation of their substations and power lines.

Graham County Electric Co-op

The PZM Solution

When Graham County Electric Co-op came onboard with PZM, we analyzed all of their substation one-lines and all of their 1,039 miles of electric lines during implementation.

Then each asset within Graham County Electric was put through PZM's PZ Risk & PZ Matrix algorithms. This allowed Graham County the ability to identify and tackle risks before they become problems, keeping their substation assets and power lines solid and reliable.

The cooperative adopted PZM, a digital solution offering streamlined inspections, risk analysis, and equipment-specific checklists. This transition enabled instant feedback, reduced redundancy, and improved maintenance strategies.

The Results with PZM

1. Operational Efficiency:
Significant time savings and elimination of redundant work.

2. Proactive Maintenance:
Enhanced ability to identify and resolve issues promptly with PZM's intuitive interface and instant data analysis.

3. Improved Inspections & Deficiency Management:
Simplified line patrols and organized substation inspection processes—consistent inspections, error reduction, and deficiency prioritization.

PZM has been instrumental in transforming Graham County Electric's approach to infrastructure management, ensuring the cooperative remains committed to its community service goals.

They are now doing everything in their power to protect substation and power line assets and the safety of their cooperative employees. When logging into PZM, all personnel can quickly view which tasks need to be done and what problems to fix first.

This case study encapsulates the transformative impact of PZM on Graham County Electric, demonstrating the cooperative's journey from traditional methods to a streamlined, efficient system. No more sifting through endless files; PZM's instant analysis illuminates the path to swift, decisive action, transforming maintenance from guesswork into a precision science. Get started today!

PZM not only organized our substation inspections but also our line inspections. There is no guesswork when performing inspections, everything to look for is listed and reporting problems is easy. The data collected is analyzed instantly and notifications are sent if problems are found. PZM has become an invaluable tool to keep us on schedule and save time.

Rusty Sherman

Operations Manager at Graham County Electric Co-op

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