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Protection Zone Management™ helps Liberty Utilities Meet State Regulations with Scheduled and Standardized Substation Inspections.

Electrical Utility
South Lake Tahoe, California
Digitally Track Inspections; Meet State & Local Regulations
Electrical Utility Company

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PZM Web Application

PZM's cloud-based web application powers inspection and capital allocation decisions based on PZM's proprietary Protection Zone Management and Protection Zone Score.

PZM Mobile App

PZM mobile app helps electrical technicians inspect and maintain their valuable infrastructure.

California state utility regulations require a minimum of 3 inspections per year.

For Liberty Utilities there was nothing convenient in place to track these inspections. In addition, a lot of substation expertise had retired or left the company and there was no substation inspection program in place.

Liberty Utilities had just hired a new substation technician and was looking for a consistent substation inspection program.

The engineer tasked with the inspection program told the inspector to walk through the substations and look for problems.

Protection Zone Management provided Liberty Utilities with a comprehensive inspection program that not only provided detailed inspection questions for each piece of equipment, but also scheduled each equipment inspection on a cycle that met the State regulation.

PZM provided a scheduled and standardized inspection program that was needed due to the retirements and attrition that so often happens in smaller operations.

"PZM has been a great addition to our substation inspection program. It is especially nice to have the inspection cycles set-up in the program and take away the need to have to schedule the inspections manually and risk not meeting the State regulations." – Calvin Humphrey, Liberty Utility Substation Foreman.

Liberty Utilities continues to use PZM to document and schedule comprehensive substation inspections.

PZM has been a great addition to our substation inspection program.

Calvin Humphrey

Liberty Utility Substation Foreman

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