Raft River Electric

Raft River Electric Cooperative Brings Their Substation Inspection Program Into the 21st Century with PZM.

Raft River Electric implements Protection Zone Management's substation inspection program software to modernize their substation inspection program.

Raft River inspectors and engineers commented that their substation inspection program hasn't really changed in years.

The PZM inspection program was just what they were looking for. PZM utilizes the latest technology to simplify and modernize the electric substation inspection process.

With iPad inspection entry, cloud-based software program, real-time reports, deficiency tracking, data trending, and simple compliance reports, Raft River now has an industry leading program that uses the latest technology.

Raft River Electrical Cooperative now has a simple and effective substation inspection program that provides information Raft River can act on to improve their system.

About Raft River Electric Cooperative

Raft River Rural Electric Co-op, a non-profit consumer-owned electric cooperative, safely delivers reliable electricity to more than 5,000 residential and commercial services in Idaho, Utah, and Nevada.

Raft River Rural Electric Co-op's distribution system consists of over 2,340 miles of line. As a cooperative, Raft River Electric is owned by the members it serves. Being a non-profit business, the cooperative's goal is to offer its members dependable electric service at the lowest possible cost.

About Protection Zone Management—PZM

Protection Zone Management (PZM) is a simple, comprehensive and leading-edge inspection and maintenance program designed to improve electric utility operations.

The PZM program delivers a mobile and web-based inspection experience that helps electrical utility co-ops bring their inspection programs into the 21st century.

Benefits of PZM include:

PZM is an electrical utilities inspection software solution that puts your inspection and maintenance program on cruise control and frees up management time for other important business initiatives.

Click here if you are interested in learning more about how PZM can help your electric utility simplify the substation inspection and line patrol experience.