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Harney Electric Cooperative (HEC) Transforms Operations with PZM's Enterprise Asset Management Software

Electrical Utility
Hines, Oregon
Streamline Operations: Cut Paperwork, Boost Maintenance Capital, and Elevate System Reliability
Electrical Cooperative

Products used

PZM Web Application

PZM's cloud-based web application powers inspection and capital allocation decisions based on PZM's proprietary Protection Zone Management and Protection Zone Score.

PZM Mobile App

PZM mobile app helps electrical technicians inspect and maintain their valuable infrastructure.

Harney Electric Cooperative (HEC) faced operational challenges stemming from traditional paper-based equipment and power line inspections.

The manual data collection process, followed by time-consuming data entry, made it difficult to promptly identify critical issues, impacting resource allocation and response times.

HEC, headquartered in Hines, Oregon, is a consumer-owned electric transmission and distribution cooperative serving rural communities across 20,000 square miles in southeast Oregon and northern Nevada since 1954. HEC's commitment to providing reliable electricity to its community led them to seek solutions to improve operational efficiency.

The PZM Solution

HEC turned to PZM's Enterprise Asset Management software, which revolutionized their operations:

1. Efficient Inspection Scheduling:
PZM enabled HEC to effortlessly schedule substation & powerline inspections, ensuring regular reviews and maintenance of critical assets.

2. Real-Time Alerts:
The system provided real-time alerts, enabling HEC's operations team to respond swiftly to emerging issues, reducing downtime and enhancing reliability.

3. Elimination of Manual Data Entry:
PZM eliminated manual data entry, seamlessly integrating inspection data into the system, reducing errors and saving time.

4. Data Visualization:
PZM offered intuitive data visualization tools, simplifying equipment identification and resource allocation.

5. Reporting & Documentation:
PZM streamlined regulatory and insurance reporting with one-click document generation.

Harney Electric Cooperative

Results and Benefits of PZM

PZM's implementation led to profound improvements:

1. Enhanced Efficiency:
HEC's operations team saw a significant boost in efficiency, eliminating manual data entry and deciphering the data.

2. Reduced Response Time:
Real-time alerts enabled prompt issue resolution, minimizing downtime and enhancing reliability.

3. Improved Decision-Making:
Data visualization empowered managers to make informed decisions, enhancing equipment maintenance and resource allocation.

4. Cost Savings:
Eliminating manual data entry and prioritizing critical equipment resulted in cost savings.

5. Streamlined Workflows:
Tasks once requiring a four-person team were streamlined, optimizing resource allocation.

PZM's Enterprise Asset Management Software transformed Harney Electric Cooperative's operations. It enhanced efficiency, reduced response times, and facilitated data-driven decisions, aligning with HEC's commitment to reliable electricity provision. This transition from paper-based inspections to a modern, integrated solution showcases PZM's transformative impact in the utility sector.

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PZM has truly transformed our workflow, saving us valuable time both in the office and during field operations. Thanks to PZM, the hassles of inspection scheduling and completion are a thing of the past. The real-time alerts and visual cues for critical issues in our system have been game-changers. Now, my operations team can focus less on paperwork and more on addressing the issues that truly make a difference.

Jason Hill

Operations Manager at Harney Electric Cooperative

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